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    Water and Flood Damage Restoration Service

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      Water is what gives us life—but it can also be absolutely disastrous in a home or office environment. Whether it comes from overflowing toilets and broken appliances or a natural disaster, water damage and flood damage are serious problems to contend with.

      Here at Damage Restoration Service, we understand how stressful it can be to try and deal with drying your building after a water-based emergency. Let us help you deal with water and flood damage restoration with our experienced professionals, state of the art techniques, and powerful tools to get your home or office back in tip-top shape.

      Causes of Water Damage

      Water damage can come from any source within and outside the building, including sources that are less than obvious to the untrained eye. Broken pipes and poorly installed rain gutters can leak water slowly surely for months. A leaky roof or a cracked building foundation can quietly drain huge amounts of water into your house. Overflowing toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters can all experience retention failure and create a huge mess to deal with. Finally, dreaded flash floods can sweep hazardous water into your building without care, introducing toxic materials into your place of living or work.

      A key part of water damage restoration is locating the source of the water intrusion as soon as possible. If you’d like a professional assessment of your building’s water damage, do not hesitate to call us!

      Effects of Water Damage

      One of the most common effects of water damage in the home is mold. That’s right, the stuff you see on old sandwich bread or in your old science classes that is great for decomposing dead material in nature but devastating to your building, furniture, and health. As soon as 24 to 48 hours after stagnant water accumulates within your home mold can start growing on any water-logged items, from your carpets and drywall to the undersides of your couches.

      Another effect of water damage is unexpected electric shocks or gas leaks from water interacting with wires and pipes that need to stay dry. If you suspect that your house may contain a lot of water damage, you should turn off your electrical and gas services immediately and give us a call. Dealing with water damage restoration is already hard without factoring in a loss of utilities.

      Finally, depending on the category of water damage you have, your personal health may be at immediate risk if you come in contact with the water. Read on to see what those categories are.

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      The Dangers of Flood Damage

      When it comes to water damage, there are three main categories of water to deal with:

      Category 1-Clean Water:

      Water that is free of contaminants and presents little to no health risks.

      Category 2-Gray Water:

      Murky water that contains some contaminants and may present moderate health risks.

      Category 3-Black Water:

      Dark water that is extremely contaminated and presents a severe health risk.

      Clean water is sourced from sanitary sources, so it usually occurs when appliances such as your sink overflow. Gray water can also come from appliances, such as a broken dishwater, but it can make one ill if ingested. Black water comes from extremely unsanitary sources and contain waste, trash, or sewage. All floodwater is treated as black water and it is the most damaging of the three types of water.

      Remember, even if the water in your home or office is at Category 1, any contamination that it touches can make it go to a Category 2 or even 3 in a matter of minutes. Anything from an unclean carpet to soil and debris can change the water damage and increase the risk of soft furnishings like carpeting or sofas having to be discarded.

      Especially when dealing with damage from gray or black water, it is always recommended that you contact a professional flood damage restoration team to get your building back into shape. At Damage Restoration Service we pride ourselves on our proficient team of professionals who have years of experience dealing with highly sensitive water damage situations. Rather than risk coming into contact with a dangerous disease through unclear water, let us handle your home’s sanitation.

      Water Damage Service Timeline

      Damage Restoration Service is available 24/7 to dispatch our nearest team of professionals to your building. Even if your situation is a non-immediate emergency, our estimates are always free.

      Water spreads quickly throughout your property and is absorbed by walls, floors, and furniture. DRS professionals will arrive quickly and begin water extraction immediately.

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      Timeline of Water Damage

      Within Minutes:

      Hours 1 – 24:

      48 Hours to 1 Week:

      After 1 Week:

      In dealing with water damage, immediate action is vital. DRS professionals respond immediately and use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to remove the water quickly. We closely monitor and document the drying progression to confirm your property is dried properly and thoroughly.

      As soon as we get your call, we can schedule a damage assessment of your building. A DRS professional will determine the extent of the damage in your building, the source of the water leak, the type of category the water is, and even start moving furniture so that nothing rusts or stains your carpeting.

      Get a free estimate & assessment!

      Don't wait, call us today for a no-hassle quote

      Next, we start the water extraction process. Here at Damage Restoration Service, we use top of the line machines to thoroughly extract the water from your building. We have everything from pumps and industrial strength vacuum units to basic wet/dry vacuums that can efficiently remove up to thousands of gallons of water. Our team of professionals know how crucial this step of the process is and will work as quickly as they can to proceed to the next step.

      After extracting as much loose water as possible, we move onto the drying and dehumidification process. Any retained water within the drywall or wood can cause your walls to swell and warp, or possibly even break down. With our state of the art drying techniques, our team will monitor your moisture levels as they dehumidify and remove any remaining moisture from your building.

      Finally, our team will complete the restoration process by sanitizing your building’s walls, floors, and surfaces as well as performing any repairs necessary to get your home or office back to order.

      As you can see, the timeframe of water damage restoration has to be quick yet thorough to maintain your building’s construction. Here at Damage Restoration Service, not only do we offer professional drying and sanitization services, but we care about helping you through your emergency. We are ready 24/7 to extend our hand and aid you through these stressful times.

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